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Your one-stop web page to keep track of who is asking for what for Christmas!
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Purchase Plans

Let everyone (except the recipient, of course) know what you plan on purchasing and what you have already bought. Keep the recipient from getting duplicates, and you can enter new ideas about what to get the recipient. If you know that a specific gift is already purchased, you can purchase an accessory without worrying about them not being able to use it!


Post anonymous comments about a gift that can be seen by the recipient as well as everyone in the group. This can be useful if you need to ask a question, but don't want them to know who is asking it. They can reply and everyone can see it.

Or, post a comment that cannot be seen by the recipient. If you need to get an answer from other gift givers or just let them know something, this is the way to do it.

Secret Santa

The system will assign a random set of givers and recipients without anyone knowing who has whom!

When all of the names have been entered for your group, a simple press of a button will assign Secret Santa names for everyone and send an e‑mail to let them know who their Secret Santa Recipient is.

There is also an option to keep a person from getting specific people for their Secret Santa recipient. This helps if you don't want your spouse or child as your Secret Santa recipient.

Family Tested

Our family has been using Your Xmas List for years! It really does help you get exactly what you want for Christmas and usually keeps you from getting duplicates. I say usually because it depends on everyone marking their gifts as Planning to purchase or Purchased, and others paying attention!


The site works on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.